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Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

£24.50 Debenhams

A bit about the brand

The ford sisters created the Benefit brand, which now consists of family members, benefit’s global authorities and HSN ambassadors. Their artistic talents have resulted in a brand that offers both luxury and quality in equal measure as well as unique and exciting designs that look great in your make-up collection.

Does what it says on the tin?

I’m not sure why but the claim to offer ‘flawless’ and ‘oxygen wow’ in one product was something that I was pretty cynical about. Many of the foundations that I’ve tried that give a flawless finish are heavier coverage, because of this I wasn’t really surprised that the foundation gave a light to medium coverage and not a completely flawless complexion.

If you’d like to see and application of this foundation just click on the video below. If not I talk a bit more in depth about it underneath the video

I found that the product looked much better on the skin when applied on top of a primer, and it lasted much longer too. It lasted about four hours on the skin (without a primer) before it started to wear away and looked in need of a top up. It does have very light coverage, and is quite brighting without making the skin look greasy or oily (for reference my skin type is normal, with patches of dryness). If you have oily skin you might want to try a sample but the product itself is actually oil free.

The texture of the foundation is pretty watery and was much more of a liquid than I expected, but this has its advantages as it soaks into the skin quickly and doesn’t need much buffing in.

There is nine shades in the collection, and it claims to have spf 25 pa +++ (the highest rating of sun protection).

As I said before, it didn’t really offer a flawless finish. If I was having a good skin day I would have achieved such a finish but I do have scaring above my left eye (long story!) which could be seen through, and I have some redness around my nose that could be seen too.

To buy or not to buy?

Combined with a good concealer, this foundation is actually quite nice. I think it is a nice foundation for summer as it is light and offers good protection against sun damage, However, in the winter months when I prefer a bit more coverage (and usually have more problem skin) I probably wouldn’t opt for this concealer. If you like light/medium coverage then this would be a great foundation, and as long as you don;t expect flawless results it is worth the money!

Have you tried this foundation? Would you? What is your favourite benefit product?

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