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3 Step Tutorial | Multi-tonal Eyes

 I’ve got a thing for creative eyes at the moment. Whilst I keep it fairly paired down day-to-day, I’ve been experimenting with my shadows for Christmas eye looks etc.
I cam up with this little combo this weekend. It’s made using shadows from my MUA Pro Immaculate Palette, which is pretty good in terms of offering unusual shadow shades with good pigment. Here’s how I created this eye look:
1. Taking the iridescent aqua shadow, I blended this right across the lid, up to the crease. This shadow by the way, although it has fine glitter in it, smoothed across my lid really easily.

2. Next, I took the shimmery blue shade and blended this across the outer half of my eye lid. Keeping the lighter shade nearer the inner of your eye makes your eyes look bigger and wider.

3. Finally, I took the indigo shade and blended this over the top of the blue shadow. It allows a hint of blue to come through without being too in-your-face-eighties throwback. Although it is a shimmery shade, it adds depth to the corners of your eye – amazing pigment too for such a cheap palette!
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