Dublin Day 2

After a night of good rest we awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed for a day full of adventures. We’d looked at a lot of the leaflets in the hotel and one of the attractions that was recommended was Dublin Zoo. We decided to head over on foot as we find this is always the best way to take in a city, so after breakfast we took the forty minute walk along the river to the zoo.

Breakfast on day 2 consisted of massive handmade pork, apple and mustard sausage rolls and flavoured green tea drinks from a place called Blu Apple. Had we been staying for more than a few days we would have no doubt have tried the large salad boxes and freshly made sandwiches as they looked amazing and would be an affordable option for an on-the-go lunch.

The zoo was great, I’m never quite sure about places like that as wild animals obviously belong in the wild, but they did a lot of conservation work and work with almost extinct animals. Unlike a lot of zoos I’ve seen the habitats of the animals prioritised the comfort of the animal over the visibility ย of them so it was nice to see them doing their own thing! The actual site of the zoo was massive, so we spent a full day soaking up the sunshine and walking around the maze that was the zoo!

We walked A LOT, approx 33 thousand steps over 3 days according to our Nike Fuel Band so it is safe to say that my inability to walk with blistered ankles persuaded us to stay in on the second night. We ate in the Groomes Bar and Restaurant which was based in the entrance of our hotel. The staff were lovely and friendly and although the food was fairly average, the prices were reasonable and the atmosphere was warm and friendly so we were happy!

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