Dublin Day 1

I should probably start this post by letting you know that each year Matt and I come to the date we started being a couple, we usually go away. Last year was the exception because we couldn’t really afford it and were both in dissertation hell, but this year we decided that five years together was well worth celebrating – so we booked our three night, four day trip to Dublin.

We booked our trip through a website called Ebookers, we managed to save so much by booking our flights and hotel together so I’d definitely recommend. We managed to get three nights stay and return flights at reasonable times for £240, which considering the hotel website states it is €100 for a room per night we got a good deal!

We stayed at Cassidy’s Hotel which was on Upper O’connel street, and not more than a five minute walk to one of the main shopping streets. The hotel was nice, the room was a good size and although it could have been modernised a little bit, it suited us just fine as a base. One thing that really impressed me was the staff, they were so helpful and the receptionist was really enthusiastic in helping us get bus tickets, information and showing us where was good to go on the map.

On the first day we landed really early, meaning we had a while day pretty much before we checked in, so we did a lot of wandering and cafe hopping. I always find it funny how a trip away can take a while to get in to, especially as we’d been up since 4:30 and we arrived when I’d normally be getting to work!

After a well needed nap we popped over to Temple Bar as we’d heard this was where the majority of the bars and restaurants were. Craving something oversized and bad for us, we went into Hard Rock cafe and wolfed down a mammoth meal!

Have you ever been to Dublin?

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