Killing with Kindness

We’ve had a bit of a stressful time of late. A difficult renting situation has seen us out of pocket and thoroughly on the losing end. As time has dragged on and we’ve finally got the end of this blasted agreement in sight, I’ve been reflecting on the phrase ‘Kill them with kindness’.

If I was perfectly mature (which I am not), I would have glided like an ice queen through the past six months without a care in the world. The alternative version has, however, seen me be grumpy, angry and determined to send multiple frustrated messages.

I might have restrained on the message front, but it really is so difficult to be the better person in a conflict situation. When someone is completely stubborn and unwilling to listen, how can you improve the situation any better than smile, and be the better person?! At least if someone is hugely negative towards you and you meet it with a polite, respectful response you know that you can’t have done anything more in that situation. Butting heads is only going to cause more distress and fustration.

If there’s one lesson we’ve learnt from it all, it’s to never take a 12 month contract. So much can change in a matter of weeks that if you’re unlucky to rent of someone who is unwilling to negotiate then you could end up feeling well and truly burnt!

I’d be intrigued to hear of any situations where you’ve had to bite your tongue and smile – I’m all for positivity but its always interesting to hear how we get through the testing times of life!

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