10 Reasons Why Living Alone Is Awesome

Living alone is awesome.
If you’d have asked me this time last year how I’d feel about living on my own, I would have curled up into a ball and rocked in a corner for a bit. As an only child for most of my childhood, I actually quite enjoy my own company, but living on my own sounded scary. Turns out, it’s actually pretty awesome, and here’s why:

1. You get really good at life admin

A term coined by my friend Niki, life admin is all the pants stuff in life that just has to be done – whether it be washing your bedding on cleaning your toilet. These mundane tasks won’t do themselves. On the plus side, you get really, really good at them.

2. You can pretty much do whatever you want

Fancy sleeping in until 3pm and then eating ice cream for breakfast? Go ahead! Want to spend all weekend dancing in your pants to Westlife? Totally cool. You can do what (or who) you want, when you want. It’s pretty awesome.

3. Clothes become irrelevant

Aforementioned dancing in pants comes into play here. You can literally wear whatever you want, which means if it’s hot outside and you fancy being nuddy? Voila my friend, strip and be at peace, no one’s going to see.

5. Your time is yours

This might seem like a given, but if you’ve got to stay late at work, you can. No guilt about missing dinner or leaving your significant other to watch GoT on their own. No worries about missing out on anything because you can do whatever you want with your time.

6. You can socialise when you want

Having a day where you hate all people? That’s fine, because you can create a sofa cocoon and stay there for as long as you want! Want to be surrounded by people – also cool, because your space is yours and it’s totally up to you who comes into it and when.


7. Mess is your mess

Now I don’t really like mess in my personal space. However, the thing I hate the most is cleaning up someone else’s mess in my space. No people = no mess.

8. Sleep is undisturbed

There’s no one to crawl into bed drunk, or stumbling to the loo and putting on the bathroom light in the early hours. Just eight hours of pure, undisturbed zeds.

9. Responsibility becomes the norm

Bills and rent all all that nonsense used to seem like a huge hassle, and was really confusing. Now it’s a doddle. When you’ve got no choice but to sort stuff yourself, you get pretty good at it, quickly.

10. You learn to like your own company

As I said before, I actually quite like being on my own. However, it had been a while since I’d had prolonged periods of time on my own and not got bored. So I started to do new things and learn a lot about myself and what actually interests me. Turns out I actually quite like dancing in my pants….

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