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Pizza & Prosecco Fest

So I have a little addiction that I need to tell you about… I’m obsessed with pizza.

Most of the time I like to keep this dough-y, cheesy affliction to myself, but last weekend I managed to convince H from work that an afternoon of prosecco drinking and pizza munching was exactly what she needed! Introducing…

Pizza and Prosecco Fest!

Hosted in what felt like the outer depths of Trafford, Pizza and Prosecco fest was a bit like a pop up street food event where the only food and drink on offer was pizza and prosecco based. It was fab!

As one of the first shows in the roadshow, we did get the feeling that they hadn’t quite ironed out all of the details. There was some confusion around which stalls the vouchers could be used with, and although we were told to expect slices – most stalls were serving full pizzas! It’s definitely worth checking out though, with great stalls including Doughboys, Ffwrnes, The Original Goodfillas and The Tiny Tipple Van.

We bought some drinks tokens when we arrived which could be used for the drinks stalls, but we needed cash for the pizza stalls. There’s also live music throughout the day/evening which was a great backdrop to a fun day. The highlight of the day was definitely the pizza cones! Dough rolled into a cone shape, and stuffed with tomato topping and dripping with gooey cheese. See below for a couple of shots from the day, I’m not to blame if you find yourself speed dialling dominoes…

Find out more here, there’s still loads of locations still to happen.

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