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Lyme Park

If you saw my last post, you’ll know we are now fully fledged National Trust members! First adventure on the list: Lyme Park.

Feeling frustrated at the lack of weekend adventures in our lives, we decided to get signed up and were eagerly anticipating the heavy thud of our handbook landing in our hallway.

It was an Little O weekend, so we wanted to go somewhere where there’d be lots of space for him to explore outside and (of course) a big play park at the end. Like all days out, there’s always a lot to say, so let’s just focus on the need to know:

Lyme Park Location & Terrain

Lyme Park is massive. We’re talking 1.3k acres worth of exploration, massive.

It’s located in Disley, in Cheshire and so only took us about thirty minutes to drive there once the epic bundle-everything-into-the-car fiasco had been undertaken.

With a small and energy filled five year old leading the way, we decided to not go into the actual house itself, which is the largest house in Cheshire. They do loads of events and family focused fun in the school holidays, but we were in search of a good ol’ bit of fresh air so left that for another day.

There are solid pathways around most of the estate, but if you decide to go off track you can find yourself climbing grassy hills, tracking through boggy woods and trying to not fall over as you tip toe across the streams.

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The maps at the site aren’t the easiest to follow but it is quite easy to navigate to the red deer park, which sits amongst the vast array of fields. We made our way up to ‘The Cage’ after finding the deer; which is a big prison-like tower in the centre of the park. It sits atop a hill – cue lots of “I’m the king of the castle” ditties from the little one.

In total, our journey took us around 5.7km so quite far for little legs, but he was happy enough to potter about in his wellies, as long as there was snacks and sticks along the way of course.

The end of our adventure brought us to the big play park they have which is great for kids. It’s all made of solid wood and had a good mixture of climbing/go ape style challenges meaning you can pretty much leave them to their own devices. It’s right next to the carpark too so is the perfect way to end the day before you bundle back in the car and head home with rosy cheeks.

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Lyme Park 101

Best for: a good long walk, a variety of different scenery and terrains and a frill free family day out.

Bear in mind: There’s not a lot of places to sit (benches etc) so worth bringing a blanket if you fancy a picnic. It’s also pretty exposed unless you’re in the house itself so dress warm! The amenities (toilets etc) are also all housed next to the car park so best to the get the emergency tissues/parent pack at the ready if your little ones decide they need the loo in the middle of the woods…

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