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Leather Jacket Lust

Leather jacket lust is a real problem.

I’ve got a love for leather. There’s just something about most leather pieces that have an instant injection of *style*. Anyway, this week I’ve been eyeing up the leather jackets that have been appearing with the influx of new season coats and jackets. Here’s three that have caught my eye…

Okay, so this jacket technically is faux leather… BUT I love the matte finish. The quilting on the sleeves and waist add some structure to what is already an amazing jacket. It’s just how I’d like a (non) leather jacket to be – fuss free and streamlines. Plus, it’s only £65.

The last coat I had from River Island had a fur collar on it, and everytime I wore it I felt instantly more stylish. This jacket is a little more bulky than the one above but it looks much more substantial too, the quilting is feels more functional and the asymmetric zip finishes it off nicely.

I’ve professed my love for this jacket previously, but its so lovely that I can’t resist mentioning it again. The asymmetric zip, the slimline shape and finish make it a definite favourite. Now I just need to work on looking like the model wearing it…

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