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Home Gym Kit You’ll Actually Use

I’m willing to bet most of the population aren’t born gym lovers. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the mass collection of sweaty human beings is just not the one for a lot of people. Plus there’s so much free fitness content out there that working out at home is an ideal, easy option.

I quite like training at home, especially with these 5 trusty pieces of kit. Read on to see my recommendations for home gym kit you’ll actually use…

Ab roller

These are the demon piece of kit that make your core hurt like Mayweather’s gone ten rounds on you. When used properly though, you can very quickly see a difference in your strength and ability with these. There are some really cheap options out there, but the mid-priced items are the ones that tend to be more durable – you are putting the majority of your weight on this when using this so worth buying something that will last!

Some suggestions: H&S Ab Rollers, Phoenix Fitness Ab Roller, CSX Dual Ab Roller

Yoga Mat

As I get older, I’m appreciating the benefits of yoga and regular stretching a lot more than I ever have. No-one wants to get too familiar with their carpet or slip around on a towel on their laminated flooring… which is why a decent yoga mat is invaluable.

Not only does it provide a stable platform for stretching and yoga, I always use mine for resistance band exercises as doing these whilst you’re laid on the floor is not comfortable! You can pay an absolute fortune for yoga mats, however, there are some great durable brands out there that won’t cost a fortune.

Some suggestions: Amazon Basics Mat, Povumga Mat, Timberbrother Mat

Foam Roller

Those who haven’t felt the sweet, sweet pain of the foam roller need to indulge. Am I selling it?! As someone who works out a fair amount, I find myself getting quite stiff and struggle with mobility. Robot walk anyone?

Thought not.

Essentially a foam roller is a roll covered in foam (groundbreaking), which often has rivets and patterns on it. The purpose of using a foam roller is multifaceted – however, the main function of a foam roller is to essentially give you a deep tissue massage, keeping fascia (connective tissue) mobile and functioning like normal. Whether you exercise or not, activities such as sitting at a desk or carrying a heavy bag can have a detrimental effect on the structure of your connective tissue, so regularly foam rolling can help correct this – loosening tightness or ‘knots’.

Some Suggestions: JLL Roller, AFX Roller, CPOKOH Foam Roller

Resistance Bands

Essentially oversized elastic bands, these little beauties look relatively innocent… I’d like to see you do a clamshell with an extra heavy band around your thighs, and then we can talk!

I’m kidding. Resistance bands are one of my favourite pieces of home gym kit; they’re inexpensive, easily stored, can be transported about when you’re on the go and can easily be combined with other pieces of equipment like kettlebells and other weights. I have a bag of bands that I keep in my gym kit to support with stretching prior to doing a heavy weight lifting session.

Another great benefit is they come in a variety of strengths meaning you can easily dial up strength exercises by simply swapping to a different band. They’re so versatile and definitely cater to different skill sets and strength levels. I love using resistance bands when I’m focusing on slow, intense movements (like the clamshells) as it adds some additional resistance and control to these movements.

Some suggestions: Belus Bands, Topelek Bands, Bestope Bands

TRX ropes 

Granted you can find these in a lot of gyms, but having these at home means you can not only workout in the safety of your living room, but you can hook them around a tree and work out, outside!

Portable, with lots of functionality, TRX ropes are a great addition to any routine. Essentially TRX exercises allow you to deliberately change your centre of gravity, challenging your muscles to adapt to functional movements and dynamic positions. They really do help you workout your entire body wherever you feel like working out. Like resistance bands you can easily store them and transport them, making them the perfect companion if you’re away from home a lot or like to mix up your workspaces regularly.

Some suggestions: TRX Starter Kit, TRX Trainer Kit, Gregster TRX Ropes

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