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Hello National Trust

Hello National Trust! We’re now fully fledged members.

Feeling frustrated at the lack of weekend adventures in our lives, we decided to get signed up and were eagerly anticipating the arrival of our handbook.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and flick through the pages, savouring the beautiful imagery and curling down the pages – planning our adventures across the year.

As I’ve got older, I’ve definitely got a lot more adventurous, craving the rosy cheeks and muddy wellies that come with a fab day out in the countryside.

Growing up in Yorkshire has this effect, I’m sure.

Having Ilkley Moor on my doorstep in my childhood was definitely something I didn’t fully appreciate at the time. Even as a teenager, I could appreciate the sense of accomplishment after scaling the bracken covered hills and wandering through the woods, nettles clutching at my ankles.

Now as an adult I relish every moment of an adventure.

I love it all: wrapping our sandwiches in tin foil; stuffing our feet into wellies and walking boots; jumping across streams, helping Little O when his wellies inevitably get sucked off in the mud, and especially stopping for a tiny shared mug of steaming tea mid-walk.

Even the rolling down of trousers and peeing by a stream when my tiny bladder inevitably kicks in two seconds after has a weird kind of charm!

We’re definitely excited about getting Little O out in the open too, teaching him about all the exciting adventures he can have and trying to harbour his incessant love of being outside and running around like a loon.

So, here’s to twelve months of: knotty hair, snotty noses, muddy wellies, pitstop snacks, small child hands clutched in mine, tiny faces hidden in too many layers, big sticks, crunchy leaves, rainy days and all of the other delicious sensations that come with being outdoors.

Fancy getting in on the action? You can check out the different National Trust membership options here. 

If you’re already a member of the National Trust or have a local site – recommendations for our next adventure are more than welcome!

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