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Gluten Free Brownie Palindrome Poppet

Gluten Free Vegan Brownies | Ad

Now if you’ve seen any of my previous Food posts, you’ll know I’m a big fan of back to basics baking. Raw ingredients, bit of elbow grease and a whole lot of flour on your nose. However sometimes, that’s not always feasible. I’m also a big fan of a pre-made mix for cakes when it’s of a decent quality. They’re perfect for those days where you want something sweet but don’t necessarily have time for big bakes. Enter these gluten free vegan brownies.

Also, as I explore how to make healthier bakes suitable to lots of different dietry requirements, increasingly find that finding gluten free, dairy free, vegan friendly ingredients can be difficult, or they cost a considerable amount more than the ‘usual’ ingredients. Now Col and I don’t have any specific dietry requirements, but as a self confessed baking geek, when given the opportunity to try Free and Easy cake mixes my hand was firmly in the air.

So, the other evening when we were watching Bake Off, the sweet cravings hit and the pre-made brownie box was just winking at me, waiting for me to get involved.

As pre-mixed boxes go, it was pretty simple to follow, and I only needed to add an egg, some oil and some milk – all of which we pretty much always have in the house (there is a vegan substitution for those that don’t have eggs). One thing I thought was great about the pack was that it crammed a lot of information in – suggesting different bake times depending on the consistency of brownie you’re after. Just check out the finished product…

Overall, I was really impressed. The brownies turned out really well, and unlike a lot of pre-mixed bakes didn’t taste artificial If you’re interested, products from the Free and Easy range are soon to be available from Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and Holland & Barrett priced from £1.11 (RRP).

Whats your go to recipe for last minute cravings?

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