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Cooking is my solitude. When I’ve had a busy week, I cook. When I can’t get my head round a shed load of worries, I cook. When nothing else will help relax me, I cook. I’ve always been a die hard make-it-yourselfer, so giving it Gousto was definitely a new experience for me.

Usually I’m the kind of person that heads to the kitchen and throws together something with whatever’s in the fridge and cupboards. Whilst it’s kind of freeing to do that, sometimes you can find yourself in a bit of a rut, so when the team at Gousto asked me if I wanted to try out one of their recipe boxes my interested was definitely piqued.

First Impressions

The box that arrived really impressed me. From the lean meat that arrived well packaged and cool, to the fragrant and fresh herbs and pastes, I couldn’t wait to get cracking with one of the recipes. Before I get into the recipe, here’s five awesome things about the boxes:

  1. They give you all the ingredients you need, with really clear instructions
  2. The recipe cards tell you the time it will take to make the recipe
  3. The cards include the nutritional value of the meal so you know what you’re eating
  4. There’s visual guides on the card to make it easy to see where you’re up to
  5. The cards come hole punched so you can store them and reuse


Here’s one of the recipes that I made from the box: Dean Edward’s Chicken With Hasselbacks


2 tbsp harissa
1 large chicken breast
1 lemon
1 garlic clove
1 spring onion
400g sweet potatoes
15g root ginger
1 tsp ground ginger
120g couscous

The Potatoes
  1. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees/Gas 7. Cut the sweet potatoes in half length ways and sit them skin side up. Cut narrow slices into the skin but not all the way down to the base.
  2. Mix the cumin with 2tbsp olive oil in the bottom of an oven proof dish. Rub the potatoes into the cumin oil and season with salt and pepper. Put the dish in the over and cook for an initial 35 minutes.
The Chicken
  1. Peel and finely chop the garlic and ginger. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice from one half into a bowl with the garlic, ginger, harissa paste and 1/2 tbsp of olive oil. Season.
  2. Slice your chicken breast in half length ways and then dip the escalopes into the marinade – leave for 15 minutes.
To finish off…
  1. Add the marinaded chicken on top of the potatoes and return to the over for 15 minutes or until the chicken is cooked.
  2. Add the couscous to a bowl with 200ml boiled water, cover and set aside for ten minutes,
  3. Serve as per the below – with finely sliced spring onions and a wedge of lemon.


I’d definitely recommend checking Gousto out – they change their menus every two weeks, and the process is really easy.

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