Day in the Life

I love my job. Whilst it’s a whirlwind of meetings, calls, emails, plans and travel, the days when I feel fed up about work are very rare indeed. The most frequent question my friends and family ask me is “so what is it you actually do…”, so what better way to explain than a day in the life…


My alarm wakes me up, and I jump in the shower. I’m usually half asleep at this stage so good luck getting any conversation out of me! I spend the next half hour getting dressed, doing my make-up and packing my pre-made snacks and lunch in my bag.


Tram time. I always check my diary to see what meetings I have in for the day – luckily today isn’t too bad but I’ve got a lot to do inbetween. I also like to sometimes read a book to help me zone out the tram if it’s super busy – today I’m finishing off The Life Changing Magic of not Giving a F**K. It’s helping me sort out my mental clutter!


I’m the first to arrive in the office which I love – I blast out my favourite music from Alexa whilst I decide on my key tasks for the day. I always have a really long to do list, so deciding my priorities for the day stops me staying late and helps me delegate tasks to the ladies in my team before the day properly starts. I spend the next couple of hours responding to emails and catching up with industry news & Twitter, if I read something interesting I’ll share it on Linkedin.


First meeting of the day! I head over to Media City to see one of my clients. We’re working on several big campaigns at the moment so today’s meeting is to go through one of the media plans and check that their creative guys have all the assets they need to deliver the campaign. There’s a few actions that I need to follow up on – some questions around changing copy on cinema and the technical specs of some out of home advertising we’re running, so I email these to the relevant teams on my tram ride back to the office. I’ll check my personal social media on the tram too, I tend to do this throughout the day to give me little mental breaks from work!


I grab some lunch at my desk. I try my best to get away from my desk but sometimes things are just too busy. I spend the next hour collating some feedback for one of my team members – it’s her mid-year review so we have to go through things she has done well and areas for improvement in the next six months. I love this part of my job, seeing people develop and climb the ladder in the industry.


I have a call with a client to go through their PPC activity for the last four months. We’re talking through the results and how we feel our strategy is working. There’s a few new beta tests on the market that we’re telling them about, in the hope they test some new activity and we can explore some of the new opportunities Google are offering. I then have an additional chat with the marketing manager afterwards, we’re doing some research work around how media spend affects their penetration within their target market so we discuss how we are going to deliver this.


A brief has landed! A popular TV show has got a new brief so I’m working through the document to identify what the objectives are, what success looks like, and what challenges we have to overcome through media. I then brief the teams via email with really clear guidelines on what we need from them, and plan in a call tomorrow to go through the brief. I then spend the rest of the afternoon working on the front part of the presentation – crafting slides around the target audience, market, identifying a role for each media channel and ultimately the communications framework that we need to work to.


Time to check emails before I leave for the day. I double check if anything needs picking up, but the two women in my team have done a fab job of picking things up and ensuring any queries or amends to plans have been completed. They’ve send me some slides they have been working on for a travel client, so I go through these and send some amends we need making, before leaving for the day.


Tram time again – this time it’s considerably busier so I go on my phone to decide what workout to do in the gym. I use the app Strong – which logs all my favourite workouts. I decide on an arms workout I’ve been doing a lot recently – I’m trying to turn my beesting biceps into popeye arms! Col tends to ring me on my way home too, so we catch up about each other’s day.


I leave the gym, the session was really fun because my rugby captain joined me and we had a good gossip in between our weightlifting. The sessions always seem to go a lot quicker with a workout buddy! I get home and throw our dinner in the oven – Salmon, veg and potatoes this evening! I jump in the shower quickly whilst it’s cooking and get the boring task of washing my hair out of the way.


Col gets back from the gym and we have dinner together. We then chill on the sofa for the rest of the evening – we watched the final two episodes of Ozark which we’ve completely binged on and finished within a week! I tend to check my phone and catch up with social media when we’re relaxing too.


Bedtime! I try my best to get to bed before 11pm most nights otherwise I’m a complete zombie the next day. Col always falls asleep immediately but it takes me a while to switch off so I tend to go through the day in my head or spend some time pinning stuff on Pinterest until I’ve made myself sleepy enough!

It’s only Monday though, so back to it tomorrow!

What does your day tend to look like?

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