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Dobby Palindrome Poppet Rescue Dog

Rescue Dog Kit List

A rescue dog kit list I hear you cry. How hard can it be?! Well, if my memory serves me well, when the boys were born, my ma and pa were completely overwhelmed with the number of ‘recommended’ items that you’re expected to get. Getting Dobby was no different – from what training tools we…

Dobby rescue Dog

Meet Dobby

World, meet Dobby. We’ve recently rescued this little lady and I couldn’t be happier! Dobby is a one year old crossbreed from Romania and is gradually learning that she has a new home in the UK. We rescued her from the charity Wonderland. I’ll be sharing more about the journey to rescuing her and all about…


Ahh another year has passed and I’m another year older. As with the past few birthdays, I like to use this time to reflect, so here’s 26 changes and lessons from this last year… Family I made the move to Manchester with the mister which meant no more long distance. We turned Little O’s new…

Pizza & Prosecco Fest | Palindrome Poppet

Pizza & Prosecco Fest

So I have a little addiction that I need to tell you about… I’m obsessed with pizza. Most of the time I like to keep this dough-y, cheesy affliction to myself, but last weekend I managed to convince H from work that an afternoon of prosecco drinking and pizza munching was exactly what she needed!…

A Love Letter to Leeds

Leeds has been my home for the last few years, and now I’m making the move back to Manchester, it’s time for a little love letter to Leeds… Oh Leeds, you little beauty. The move to Leeds city centre was always going to be an emotional one. My life had been turned upside down pretty…

In Defence of Kids Getting Older

These two piglets are still toddlers in my mind. I’ve not quite accepted that one of them is on his path to deciding his GCSE and A-Levels, and the other has one year of primary school left. It’s all a bit mind boggling. However, there’s definitely a lot to be said for kids getting older….

An RnR kind of Weekend

This weekend has been the loveliest. It was Col’s birthday so I got us a room at The Palace Hotel in Manchester. When I lived in Manchester a few years ago, The Palace Hotel had always been a bit shabby, but it’s had some extensive renovations of late and is so beautiful now! You can…

Palindrome Poppet Lifestyle Blogger

2015 Year of Re-Discovery

2015. Even just attempting to sum up the year in one post is proving incredibly difficult but it’s probably best started in this way: 2015 was a topsy turvy, insidey outy type of year. After coming to the end of my long term relationship, I was faced with lots of change. A new place to…


Life is a challenge. On a daily basis I’m faced with some many factors that challenge my positivity, some days its my own mind that I struggle to stay chipper with. However, the other day I came across the quote above. It hit a nerve. So many people comment on my general mood; friends, work…

23 Lessons

Today I turn the grand age of 23, and what better way to celebrate than sharing 23 lessons learnt over the years… 1. Time is something we never have enough of, always make the most of every day 2. There’s not many moods that can’t be improved by Friends re-runs 3. Everyone you meet will…