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Palindrome Poppet Adventures Lyme Park

Lyme Park

If you saw my last post, you’ll know we are now fully fledged National Trust members! Feeling frustrated at the lack of weekend adventures in our lives, we decided to get signed up and were eagerly anticipating the heavy thud of our handbook landing in our hallway. First adventure on the list: Lyme Park. It…

Palindrome Poppet Adventures Family Days Out National Trust Days Out

Hello National Trust

We’re now fully fledged National Trust members. Feeling frustrated at the lack of weekend adventures in our lives, we decided to get signed up and were eagerly anticipating the arrival of our handbook. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and flick through the pages, savouring the beautiful imagery and curling down the…

Berlin Travel Notes Palindrome Poppet

Berlin Travel Notes

Berlin has always been on my bucket list.  So, when I opened my presents on Christmas day and found a 2017 diary  I was surprised to see it fall open on some dates. The flight times to Berlin were scrawled inside, and I counted down the weeks until it was time for us to climb…

Berlin Street Art Palindrome Poppet

Berlin Street Art

Good lord I am in love. Berlin is so different to any other place I’ve visited before, I was genuinely sad when we were making our way home after a lovely long weekend there. The beauty of the city speaks for itself, so I’ll let the pictures of the Berlin street art do the talking….

Corsica Photo Diary

I’d never heard of Corsica either. My parents wanted us to join them on the family holiday but as there was so many of us working in the group, it was proving challenging to find somewhere until a month or so before we were due to go away, the text from dad arrived. Corsica was…

Dublin Day 4

On our last day we had to check out at 12, so we made the most of our cosy bed and room with a nice long lie in! We then had nine hours to kill before our flight so we spent a lot of our day bobbing in and out of the various cafes near…

Dublin Day 3

On our third day we’d planned to go to the Guinness Storehouse, but decided to go for a fairly long walk up to it again to soak in some more of Dublin’s streets. Luckily we decided to go down a cobbled street and came across a place called Queen of Tarts, a place I’d spotted…

Dublin Day 2

After a night of good rest we awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed for a day full of adventures. We’d looked at a lot of the leaflets in the hotel and one of the attractions that was recommended was Dublin Zoo. We decided to head over on foot as we find this is always the…

Dublin Day 1

I should probably start this post by letting you know that each year Matt and I come to the date we started being a couple, we usually go away. Last year was the exception because we couldn’t really afford it and were both in dissertation hell, but this year we decided that five years together…

Menorca Photodiary

Hola Amigos! I hope you’re all well and found some great new blogs to read in the comments on my last post. I’m back now, although I have a hectic few days (back off holiday, moving house and a driving test then work the next day). I unfortunately didn’t take enough pictures this holiday, I’ve…