Bromley Cross

Living in the city is great. Literally everything you could want is on your doorstep. However, when we go back to uni it can get a bit claustrophobic with the mounting work, considerably busier streets and a  lot more tiredness. 
Matt had been to Bromley Cross on a day out with university, and suggested that we headed out of the city and to the three reservoirs in Bromley Cross. Bromley Cross is a town in Bolton, and it has three fairly big reservoirs that you can walk all the way around. All in all it is a nine mile walk.
We had a picnic (with steaming mugs of tea) and then had a pub dinner before we got the train home 🙂
I took quite a few pictures so I thought I’d share them with you!

Autumn is finally here! What are your favourite ways to chill out?

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