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Hello, I’m Hannah.

Palindrome Poppet started out my my little slice of the internet, way back in 2011.

Back then, I was studying my English Literature degree at the University of Manchester with my long term boyfriend.

Following that I went through a breakup, several house moves, a couple of job changes, lots of weight fluctuation and a few friendships – all the while documenting the aspects of life I was passionate about on this site.

Nowadays, I’m a senior account manager at a global media agency and live in Manchester with my boyfriend Col. We also share part of our lives with my step son Oscar.

It’s safe to say I’ve changed a lot over the years, but Palindrome Poppet has always remained the hub where I document the aspects of my life that I’m fanatical about.

A sort of online journal, tracks my growing interest in fitness, my career, feminsim, wellbeing, style, cooking, beauty, travel and everything in between.

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