Ahh another year has passed and I’m another year older. As with the past few birthdays, I like to use this time to reflect, so here’s 26 changes and lessons from this last year…

  • I made the move to Manchester with the mister which meant no more long distance.
  • We turned Little O’s new room into a pirate wonderland!
  • We celebrated our first Christmas in the new house – will always watching Home Alone 87396004 times with Little O and singing Christmas songs as we decorated the tree
  • The little brothers are doing well at school which makes me so proud! If not a little sad that they’re growing up too quickly.
  • Little O had his first day at school and looked adorable in his uniform.
  • I’ve had some lovely time with my parents to myself – like the time I ate a board of cheese that was almost as big as my head!
  • Little O and I have had some lovely weekends just the two of us, spending Saturday afternoons baking and playing!.
  • Little O turned 4!
  • We celebrated Col’s sister turning 30, which was a night of family, fun and a liiiiittle too much red wine.
  • I started a new job with a new, small, family-like team.
  • I left a job that was making me unhappy – goodbye ridiculous hours and stress!
  • We’ve had loads of great social events with work.
  • I got promoted within a few months which felt like a huge achievement.
  • One of my best friends graduated as a physio after months and months of hard work. It was so lovely to see her achieve a goal she has been working towards for so long.
  • One of my other best friends moved in with her Mrs and is now happily shacked up with their two cats.
  • My lovely friends surprised me with a leaving do in my favourite place in Leeds. Shear’s Yard, FYI.
  • I cleared a lot of debt which is one of my main goals for 2017 & 2018.
  • I got fully back into the gym and am loving being fit and healthy again.
  • I started playing rugby for the first time ever – which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time!
  • Starting a new sport has meant I’ve met a whole host of new friends which is great.
  • We got free tickets to Parklife and had a complete laugh. Although I don’t fancy walking the 40,000 steps we did again anytime soon.
  • For the first time in a long time, I’ve started to feel like a few more of the life jigsaw pieces are fitting together!
  • I cut a fringe, loved it, decided I hate it, grew it out.
  • We had a great holiday in Soller – but I got badly burnt on my first day after too much prosecco in the sun with my mum!
  • I surprised Col with a trip to Wales for his birthday and later in the week his parents and little O joined us for fish and chips and a few days in the rain.
  • Col and I had a fab trip to Berlin – exploring all the street art and drinking all the beer.

What have been your favourite bits of the last twelve months?

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